My college band went by various names, including We the Cats (inspired by the Joe Jackson song), Lost Cause, and Danger Mouse (inspired by the eponymous cartoon character). We played a few shows, not that many, and didn't last that long owing mostly to internal personality conflicts and other complexities. However, we did manage to make a demo of some covers and a few originals.

I found the old 1/4" 8-track reels, remastered them hastily, and present them here in the spirit of nostalgia. Playing on this demo are Chris Seagle (guitar, lead vocals, keyboard), Markland Fountain (bass, vocals), Jason (drums, can't remember his last name), and myself Daniel Ingram (guitar, vocals, recording). Amplifier is a dB's cover, Wall of Sleep is a Smithereenes cover, Don't You Forget About Me is obviously a cover by Simple Minds, Battleship Chains is a Georgia Satellites cover, Surf's Up at the Casbah is an original (with help on the lyrics from Vance Weatherly), White Boyz is an original. Some of the songs are fragments, as it was just a short demo. While not any profound piece of musical work, it was a lot of fun at the time. Enjoy!