Southern Wind is a solo computer project that I did mostly in 2004 or so. It is just me, an iMac, a mic, a bass and a kazoo. It is almost all done on Garage Band, with a little Logic Pro Studio thrown in at times for a few tweaks at times. This is a small sampling. It was done while I was in residency and was a way to blow off steam and have some fun. There are more songs, but they are probably best kept on the hard-drive at this point in time. None of that music was serious in any way, being all comic and meant to be nothing but comedy.

The name of the album is There is Music in The Air. Take together, the name of the band and the name of the album are a double PhD joke regarding certain atmospheric disturbances, as well as a total ragging on sappy New Age record titles and bands, as well as making fun of the fact that I am from the South, and sound is just air, so there is actually a quadruple joke in the names.

Anyway, enjoy!